• Saint Augustine and Suds Soaps. All natural. Clean. Simple.

Soap shouldn't be complicated.

This is more than a brand.

I created Saint Augustine and Suds to have a foundation to hand down to my son, Augustine. Through hardships I have experienced, I have found passion and a gift, and I used that to create what we have now and continue to push for us, so that we can look back and be more than proud of what we overcame and accomplished. When you purchase and support Saint Augustine and Suds, you are doing more than just purchasing a bar of soap, you are helping us grow a dream and supporting a future. 

I have extremely sensitive skin, and even the large name brand products were too much. This is the first product I could use without a reaction, especially before and after shaving.

Rich, CA.

The Sweet Baby Shea bar is extremely moisturizing and we are using less lotion. We got it for our baby first, then we all started to use it! Its been a life saver in the winter time!

Aisha, OH.

Saint Augustine and Suds soaps are nothing short of amazing. Each bar is beautifully created and the scents are divine! They make excellent gifts as well! 

Ashley, PA.

Each bar has a basic three ingredient foundation of natural olive oil, responsibly harvested palm oil and coconut oil. Then, we add what we need to make each bar unique, without going overboard to avoid congesting the skin. Simple is better.